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Our school:

At a glance

Modern classrooms

Indoor and outdoor gym and playgrounds

WiFi throughout

Breakfast and lunch for all

Science labs

Art studio

Computer Learning Centres

Leading to British international and local Albanian qualifications

Transport by bus

Meet our staff

Eda Basha

General Director

Erlindi Basha

Centre Director

Paul Richardson

Academic Principal

Eva Hoxha

Basic School Principal

Fatmir Vejsiu

High School Principal

Bassam Abulibdeh

Vice Principal

Shaun Stockden

Head of Primary

Yoann Danion

Director of Studies

Johanni Rabie

Core Teacher (Year 1)

Sammie Leclaire

Core Teacher (Year 2)

Grace Whitmore

Core Teacher (Year 3)

Lee Moore

Core Teacher (Year 4)

Max Thompson

Core Teacher (Year 5)

Debbie McBride

Core Teacher (Year 6)

Natavan Danion

Primary Teacher

Rudina Çupi

Teacher of Albanian Language

Mandalina Murati

Teacher of Albanian Language

Xhestika Gjeçi

Teacher of Albanian Language

Xhulia Gjini

Teacher of Albanian Language

Elda Mineu

Teacher of Albanian Language

Kujtime Berisha

Teaching Assistant

Gilberta Kuriqi

Teaching Assistant

Rexhina Gozhdari

Teacher of Computing and ICT

Krisztina Zaja

Teacher of Art & Design

Blerta Meta

Teacher of Art and Design & Technology

Marlise Sanchez Torres

Teacher of Art and Cover Teacher

Xhesi Gavelli

Teacher of Music

Ani Hasani

Teacher of Physical Education

Ornela Çuka

Teacher of Physical Education

Eni Vjero

Teacher of German Language

Katriena Du Toit

Teacher of English Language and Literature

Lori Çali

Teacher of English Language and Literature

Brisida Sefa

Language Development Specialist

Steeve Vaugondy

Teacher of History and Geography

Desara Karaj

Teacher of History of Albania and Geography of Albania

Emily Hale

Teacher of Geography

Yoann Danion

Teacher of Economics

Bassam Abulibdeh

Teacher of Business

Calvin Tiessen

Teacher of Business and Economics

Blerina Gaçi

Teacher of Mathematics

Leandro Borges

Teacher of Mathematics

Valentino Salvato

Teacher of Science

Christopher Ody

Teacher of Chemistry

Ergi Hoxha

Teacher of Chemistry

Erjona Qeraj

Teacher of Biology

Edlira Ymeri

Teacher of Physics

Mariza Tiri

Lab Technician and Cover Teacher

Kristina Gjoka

Admissions and Consulting

Erind Bathorja


Eni Sado


Kelima Hima


Nadia Kulik

Administrative Assistant

Mineko Zifle

School Physician

Anida Zebi

School Psychologist

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Rruga Kodra Derhemit

Lunder 1, 1045

Tirana, Albania

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