GCSEs at Kings Tirana

GCSEs are recognised around the world as an exceptional official high school qualification.

They are the ideal gateway to further study in the UK and beyond.

Is this programme for me?
  • Our GCSE course leads to the official examination which completes High School education in the UK. 
  • It is designed for students aged 14+ who want to progress to A-levels before entering UK university.

Highly qualified teachers

All our teachers are subject specialists.

Many hold a second degree or equivalent qualification, including PhD.

Individual approach

You will have regular personal progress testing and skills analysis.

Dedicated professional care and support teams are always available for help and advice.

We use the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT 4) to assess your abilities, academic potential and learning preferences.

Very small classes

There are only 4 to 10 students per class at Kings.

This means plenty of one-to-one contact with your teacher.

Course length

A standard course length is two academic years, starting at Year 10 (Grade/Klasa 9) and finishing at the end of Year 11(Grade/Klasa 11).
Students joining late will obtain the regular school report for the completed academic year, instead of enrolling for the GCSE exams and obtaining the GCSE diploma.
In addition to GCSEs, all Albanian students will sit Provim Lirimi exams at the end of Year 10 (Grade/Klasa 9)

Broad choice of subjects

You will follow a mixed curriculum including Science, Mathematics, English and Humanities subjects.

You will prepare for your GCSE exams in a range of subjects, depending on your academic level.

GCSE programme content

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