Education for life.

Your life

Who we are

Welcome to Kings Tirana

We are a Kings international school partnership specialised in providing education of international standards to students from the age of 5 up to 18 years old.

Mission statement

At Kings, our mission is to provide a general and linguistic education for young people from all over the world intent on studying in an Anglophone environment — developing and nurturing every student to help them achieve personal growth, personal achievement and the best learning outcome for their individual circumstances, ability and needs. We strive to create life-changing and long-lasting memories, and to help our students make ambitious, well-informed and broad-minded choices about the way they lead their future lives.

Education for Life

At Kings our ethos can be summarised in just three words: Education for Life. We believe that education is a continuous journey. And in life’s journey, a great education is the passport to fresh opportunities, new challenges, life-changing experiences. The journey is long: exceptional high school qualifications; graduation from a top university; that first step on the employment ladder; a promotion or career change; a new country or culture.

A Kings education is only part of this journey. But it is a crucial one. Our role is to equip every student under our care with the qualifications, skills and experiences which are the springboard to a lifetime of success and fulfilment. In whatever path they follow. We want a Kings education to help young people experience life at its fullest; to sustain relationships with like-minded people across the world - regardless of language, culture or geography. We aspire to prepare our students to play their part on the world stage. To become true global citizens. For life. Education for Life. Your Life.

Our Team

Bassam Abulibdeh

Academic Principal

Eva Hoxha

Basic School Principal

Fatmir Vejsiu

High School Principal

Paul Horstead

Head of Primary

Stephen Jobson

Head of Arts

Gareth Moss

Head of Maths and Science

Gemma Teal

Pastoral Lead

Xhestika Gjeçi

Pastoral Coordinator

Rexhina Gozhdari

Head of Computing and ICT

Rudina Çupi

Head of Albanian Language and Literature

Krystyna Wierzbowicz

Career Consultant and Exam Officer

Catherine Stafford

Tara Korbanics

Emil Schonborn

Rita Martins

Ilse Bohoff

Marjana Kizilgul

Kujtime Berisha

Gilberta Kuriqi

Amany Bahy

Philip McCann

Thomas Cross

Gresilda Osmani

Besnike Beqiri

Aldeina Seferi

Ervina Gjergji

Melisa Muço

Elda Mineu

Edlira Ymeri

Desara Karaj

Ardit Haxhija

Erida Çela

Endrita Berisha

Mandalina Murati

Ornela Çuka

Xhulia Gjini

Pranvera Caka

Haxhire Xhihani

Arba Rroji

Frida Quku

Ana Koja


Eda Basha


Erlindi Basha

Project Manager

Çelesta Likja

Front Desk

Mateo Çela


Vanina Këllezi


Anida Zebi

School Psychologist